We offer you more than professional wine cellar......

1, professional wine blending scheme

According to the wine cellar and storage capacity for you to precisely planning every bottle of wine storage location.

2, professional wine consultant

Wine with a good, whether your cellar liquor or wine, we accurately recommend the most suitable for drinking the wine wine and wine advice for you.

3, after sale maintenance cellar

We do regular maintenance for your wine cellar, the territory of China within 24 hours to repair in time.

4, wine investment and spot operation

Assist client to French grape wine and spot operation and for customers to import, transportation and customs clearance of a series of wine import services;

We have a wealth of resources, can find very price and investment value of wine for customers;

We can provide professional investment advice to customers, and help you to put on the market at the right time.

5, regular professional training

We can provide you the sommelier and wine cellar maintenance personnel to provide regular professional training.

6, the theme of tasting and private dinner planning and execution

We have a professional authority presided over the lecturer, nearly 100 high-end reception experience, for many different industries planning wine dinner, tailored for you all kinds of thematic tasting and private dinner.